Grace - Class of 2015 - Eagle River / Anchorage Senior Portrait Photography

  • Published December 11th, 2014 by Scott & Alicia Minor
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Grace is beautiful, fun, talented and has a sweetness about her not many people have.  She was so full of life and enthusiam it was contagious!  Thank you Grace for coming in and bringing so many great props with you!!



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Senior Pictures Amber

So Amber's mom is so thankful she has at least one daughter to do these fun girly things with.  I definetely don't blame her!

Amber brought a friend and her mom (which we always encourage)!  Something like this is always more fun when you can share it with friends.  Below are just a few of Amber's shots.  I tend to like the pictures that really focus on her eyes because she has such incredible blue eyes!

Thanks for coming in Amber! Can't wait to see your favorites.




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